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Drell Lee If you have ever had a serious relationship. If you're married. If you've cheated or been cheated on. If you have an "Office wife or husband" or suspect someone does. If you have children. If you live your life for your family, with little or no thought for yourself. If you have too much month and not enough money. If you have money and no one to share it with. If life has thrown you curve after curve and never a straight pitch. If you have ever wanted more but found yourself trapped. If you have things you haven't or cant tell anyone, for fear of judgment or ridicule or embarrassment. this book is for you, my advice is for you. Check out "Who is Drell Lee " below
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The People's Pen Author, Writer, Film maker and Motivational Speaker. Giving you stories from a writer who says what your thinking. Drell Lee, a name to know for writing you will remember.
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